Interim Reports

Year-end Report January – December 2020

“TF Bank’s loan portfolio increased by 8% in local currencies during the fourth quarter. Nordic risk and the credit card initiative in Germany have been prioritised. For consumer loans in Norway and Fin...Read more

Interim report January – September 2020

“Once again, TF Bank delivers a quarter with strong growth. The loan portfolio increased by 7.5 % during the third quarter, and growth over the past 12 months amounts to 24 %. The consumer loans in Norway a...Read more

Interim report January – June 2020

 “In the second quarter, the humanitarian consequences of Covid-19 have become increasingly evident in Europe. At the same time, the economic effects of the virus outbreak are still difficult to overlook. We...Read more

Interim report January – March 2020

“The first quarter of the year started off in the same fashion as the end of 2019 – with strong volumes and a geographically diversified growth. During the course of the quarter, it has been increasingly evi...Read more

Year-end Report January – December 2019

“During the fourth quarter, TF Bank’s loan portfolio increased by 9 % in local currencies. The expansion in Germany was intensified towards the end of the year, and the credit card business is an exciting par...Read more

Interim Report for January – September 2019

“TF Bank continues to grow in the Nordics and the rest of Europe. Following a strong end, the loan portfolio increased by 8 % during the third quarter, hence passing SEK 6 billion. The operating profit i...Read more

Interim Report for January – June 2019

“In the second quarter, TF Bank once again delivered a strong operating profit; SEK 71 million, which is 32 % higher than the corresponding quarter in 2018. The profit growth is driven by the development i...Read more

Interim Report for January – March 2019

“The first quarter showed record growth of 14 %, and the loan portfolio thus exceeded SEK 5 billion – an important milestone for TF Bank. Over the past year, the loan portfolio has increased by 45 %. ...Read more

Year-end Report January – December 2018

“TF Bank ended 2018 with a strong last quarter for both segments. The adjusted operating profit of SEK 65 million was 29% higher than in the corresponding quarter in 2017. Rising interest income from a...Read more

Interim Report for January – September 2018

”The strong growth continued during the third quarter and the loan portfolio surpassed SEK 4 billion in August. At the same time, the diversification of the bank’s funding, geographically and with lon...Read more

Interim Report for January – June 2018

”The second quarter of 2018 ended with strong growth and a loan portfolio approaching SEK 4 billion. In the last three months, the portfolio rose by SEK 357 million, with particularly strong growth in t...Read more

Interim Report for January – March 2018

”During the first quarter of 2018, our operations continued to expand. In three months, the loan portfolio increased by 11 %, deposits rose by 12 % and operating profit amounted to SEK 49 million, 12 %...Read more

Year-end report January – December 2017

”When 2017 is summed up, we look back on a successful year for TF Bank. The loan portfolio has increased by 27 % and the adjusted operating profit has increased by 21 %. Growth has been strong in mainly N...Read more

Interim Report, January – September 2017

“TF Bank continues to grow and operating profit for the first nine months of the year was SEK 142.8 million, an increase of 22 % compared to the previous year and adjusted for items affecting comparability. T...Read more

Interim Report, January – June 2017

"Compared to the same period last year, the first six months re­sulted in an increase in adjusted operating profit by 26%. We have continued our expansion with an increased product mix and a geographical ...Read more

Interim Report January-March 2017

"Profitable growth in all countries and continued geographic diversification." Declan Mac Guinness, CEORead more

Year-end Report January-December 2016

” IPO, solid growth and high profitability summarises a strong year for TF Bank."Read more

Interim Report January-September 2016

”Strong organic portfolio growth, operating income at record levels and lower loan losses. A strong quarter!" Declan Mac Guinness President & CEORead more

Interim Report January-June 2016

Total operating income Jan-Jun 2016 compared with Jan-Jun 2015. SEK209 MILLION +10 %. Loan portfolio 30 June 2016 compared with 31 December 2015. SEK 2.2 BILLION +19 %.Read more

Interim Report Q1 2016

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Year-end Report 2015

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Interim Report Q2 2015

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