Mattias Carlsson

Chief Executive Officer. Born 1972.

Other ongoing assignments: Avarda AB (Chairman), Avarda Oy (Chairman), BB Bank ASA (Chairman), Qred AB (Chairman) Smedslättens Tennisbanor Aktiebolag (Chairman) and Tronstad Consulting AB (Board Member).

Previous assignments during the past 5 years: Popgiro AB (Board member), TF Bank (Chairman of the Board from 2015 to 2017 and CEO 2009 to 2015), Popgiro AB (Board member)

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering Physics (Uppsala University)

Holdings in Company: 294,151 shares

Dependent in relation to the company.

Mikael Meomuttel

Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer since 2014. Born in 1976.

Other ongoing assignments: Avarda AB (board member)

Previous assignments within the past 5 years: Chief Financial Officer since 2009

Education: M.Sc. in Finance and Economics (Borås and Gothenburg University)

Holding in the Company: 16,000 shares

Espen Johannesen

Head of the Consumer Lending Segment and CEO of BB Bank ASA. Born 1981.

Other ongoing assignments: Confide AS (Board Member)

Previous assignments during the past 5 years: At BB Bank since 2010.

Education: Executive M.B.A in Management control (Norwegian School of Economics, NHH), Bachelor in Economics (BI Norwegian Business School)

Holdings in Company: 16,000 shares

Mikael Johansson

Head of the Ecommerce Solutions Segment and CEO of Avarda AB. Born 1974

Other ongoing assignments: Svenska Bilhandlare AB (Chairman of the Board) and Sticklinge Management AB (substitute board member)

Previous assignments during the past 5 years: CEO at Avarda since 2016. Previously CEO at Santander Consumer Bank Sweden, and GE Commercial Finance.

Education: M.Sc. in Business Administration and Mathematics (Stockholm University)

Holdings in Company: 18,000 shares

Holdings in the Company as at June 30, 2020.